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Item No.  PR5006C
J's Exclusive and Exotic Seafood Corrugated Gift Box
Two 3 ˝ ounce cans of Smoked Salmon Mousse, one 3 ˝ ounce can of Smoked Salmon Pate, two 5 ˝ ounce cans of Smoked Wine-Maple Salmon, and one 5 ˝ ounce can of Smoked Garlic Pepper Salmon. The wine-maple smoked salmon is marinated in a Chardonnay and has a rich maple flavor. The garlic pepper is lightly seasoned smoked salmon packed in olive oil. This is a one-of-a-kind gift. Our canned smoked salmon mousse and pate are excellent appetizers. Spread your favorite cracker with cream cheese and top with flakes of smoked salmon, sturgeon or tuna. These exceptional products are worthy of family gatherings, traditions, gift-giving and celebrations!

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