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Item No.  31010
Lox Style Cold Smoked Chinook Salmon
Josephson's most delicate process. Highest quality farm-raised salmon are lightly salted and smoothly smoked with alderwood to produce a wonderful flavor and naturally buttery textured lox. If breakfast at home on Sunday is incomplete without lox and bagels or lox and scrambled eggs, then our individually vacuum packed Chinook Lox sides will enable you to keep a supply on-hand to satisfy your craving. Simply freeze upon arrival and use as needed. Vacuum-sealed sliced lox packages keep 3 to 5 weeks under refrigeration. Once opened use within 7 days.

1½ pounds (unsliced) - $60.00

2 pounds (unsliced) - $80.00

3 pounds (unsliced) - $120.00

1½ pounds (sliced) - $66.00

2 pounds (sliced) - $88.00

3 pounds (sliced) - $132.00

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