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Price:  $44.00/lb.

Item No.  5101S
Hot Smoked Chinook Salmon
Josephson's Northwest Smoked Chinook Salmon is lightly brined and smoked with alderwood to maintain the full rich flavor of this most prized salmon. This is one of our most popular smoked salmons. The Chinook Salmon is the largest of the Pacific Salmon and is rich in calcium and omega-3 oils. It is best eaten as is or can be enjoyed on a very plain cracker with no salt and almost no flavor. That way the true flavor of the smoked salmon comes through. Another simple way to use is to flake the salmon and combine with a tablespoon of mayonaise and spread on thinly sliced rye bread.

Hot Smoked Seafood will keep two weeks under refrigeration and up to three months in a vacuum bag in the freezer.

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