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Item No.  7205S
Chinook Salmon Steaks (5 lbs.)
The full and rich flavor of our Chinook salmon and salmon steaks, the ease of preparation, and the convenience of storing in vacuum-packed pouches in your freezer make this a great seafood dinner selection to have available. Season and garnish salmon with choice of salt, pepper, lemon pepper, seafood seasoning, onion, lemon, dill or parsley. Bake at 350 defrees fahrenheit for 30 minutes or broil or grill 3 to 6 inches from heat (do not turn) cooking approximately 10 or more minutes per inch of fish thickness. Baste with butter or marinade to keep juices in. The salmon is shipped next day service in a styro box with gel-ice. Keep frozen in vacuum bag until ready to use. Puncture vacuum bag and thaw under refrigeration prior to preparing.

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